1.  Cloud Infrastructure Specialist℠ 


2-Day Certification Course


CLIS is fundamental for cloud stakeholders ranging from Cloud executives to Cloud operators, architects, engineers, and technicians. It covers disciplinary concepts of virtualized infrastructure, cloud infrastructure, technologies, trends, components and concepts.


2.  Cloud Engineering Specialist℠ 


3-Day Certification Course


This course is for professionals who intend to become experts in the Cloud engineering & design. CLES℠ participants will be trained on architecture and design aspects of Cloud infrastructure. Professionals will be taken through engineering disciplines of Cloud and devising Application Ecosystem efficacies of availability, security, efficiency, security, innovation, capacity, resilience and operational conduciveness for Cloud infrastructure. The course offers extensive information Cloud capacities and vulnerabilities for Cloud designers, engineers, auditors, and consultants. CLES℠ will provide the design knowledge necessary for engineers to plan robust Cloud implementations and empowers stakeholders with tools to precisely upraise Cloud architectures and methods.


3.  Cloud Operations Specialist℠ 


3-Day Certification Course


This course is for professionals who are involved in the day-to-day operation or operational planning of Cloud infrastructure for the companies or clients. CLOS℠ provides a comprehensive approach and standardized techniques for the management of Cloud implementations of all sizes. The course offers simplified methods for the seamless operation of complex Cloud architectures. Throughout the course, vital operational parameters such as capacity planning, resource management, SLA/OLA management, RTO/RPO maintenance, efficiency management, maintenance regimes, policies and procedures, processes and controls, standards and compliances will be decomposed and explore their constituents.


4.  Cloud Technology Professional℠ 


3-Day Certification Course


CLTP℠ is a hands-on technology course for Cloud infrastructure. The latest Cloud technologies will be outlined, reviewed and compared against rival solutions rendering factual and merely output-driven review of technologies consumed within a complex Cloud architecture. True efficacies of availability, security, capacity, efficiency, innovation, resilience and operations are defined for the available Cloud technologies. Experts and Managers will be able to evaluate return on investment (ROI) and total cost of ownership (TCO) for the available technologies with total transparency. The values and efficacies rendered throughout the course, will enable technology professionals to thoroughly assess existing technologies, simply product selection and comparison, and specify their technology requirements based on true Application delivery needs.


5.  Cloud Operations Manager℠ 


5-Day Certification Course


This course targets Managers, Executives, Directors, Strategic Planners and/or Professionals who are engaged with operational aspects of live and running Cloud platforms. From the disaster recovery planning to health and safety criteria to capacity planning, enhancement and upgrade management, risk mitigation and migration principals to growth modeling and schemes, HR roles and responsibilities, vendor and contract management of OLAs and SLAs are all covered and effectively outlined in the program. The CLOM℠ generates distinguished modern-day Cloud operational managers, architects, service providers and mentors and enables them to have leading roles in high-availability, high-sustainability, and cost-effective Operations.


       6.  Cloud Infrastructure Expert℠ 


5-Day Certification Course


This course targets developing experts who can lead the Cloud industry as consultants, architects, subject matter experts. It provides professionals the right skill sets from the foundational concepts to the engineering, design, grading concepts, which are driven by the industry’s live experiences and best practices. It clarifies the taboos in the industry, the gray areas where all providers, operators, engineers and experts continuously argue and question and resolves ambiguities in the expert’s mind as to how to plan, design and build modern-day Cloud platforms. The CLIE℠ requires achievement of unparalleled and thorough understanding of Engineering & Design principles and techniques for Cloud infrastructure.


       7.  Cloud Expert℠ 


8-Day Certification Course


This course is aimed for Cloud Experts who desire to posses the right skill sets for architecting, engineering, designing and planning Cloud platform for varied industry verticals. It covers availability engineering, capacity engineering, resiliency engineering, security engineering, and innovative engineering with standardized parameters in developing, designing and implementation of the true Cloud. The CLE℠ equips infrastructure experts with technology roadmaps, to aid in the design & appraisal of Clouds, to ensure modularity and flexibility for growth and enhancement of sustainability of efficacies such as reliability, efficiency and availability.


      8.  Cloud Manager℠ 


8-Day Certification Course


This course is aimed for Cloud Managers who are not only in charge of mission critical Cloud operations, but the entire Application Ecosystem management cycle. It covers the management concepts, challenges, capacities, plans and strategies as well as technology aspects and deciding factors in determining and implementing best management principles for delivering optimum Cloud. The CLM℠ certification strengthens the operational awareness of future technologies, leading to effective management of Cloud by enhancing and preparing professionals for process advancements.


  9.Cloud Authority℠ 


11-Day Certification Course


This course is aimed for professionals who posses authoritative potentials. CLA℠ is the pinnacle of achievement and recognition for professionals with the necessary knowhow who would like to seek the opportunity to become subject matter authorities in the field of Cloud. Individuals will be taken through multi-levels of foundation, concept, principle, theory, physics, strategy, management, engineering, design, technology and selection in order to complete this course work required for becoming a CLA℠. In addition to course work, all successful CLA℠ candidates must fulfill the required criteria which include but are not limited to undergoing minimum G1 Cloud project alongside IDCA approved consultants, as well as submitting an effective thesis to the attention of the accreditation committee of IDCA. The thesis shall be driven from applicants’ professional experiences and expertise in subject matters such cloud architecture, cloud security, cloud sustainability, cloud capacity planning, cloud technologies, etc. CLAs will be considered the leaders of the Cloud industry and serve as key players and contributors to the industry’s direction. The CLA℠ is a leap into Cloud strategy, approached in the unique manner of capturing the operations aspects of Cloud, compliance parameters and knowledge of the design and technology fundamentals, thus applying such insight into future technologies, amalgamating this knowledge to prepare the execution, management, expansion, or upgrade for reliable, resilient, secure, innovative and efficient Clouds.



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